Ashanté Kindle | Khari Turner




12.5.20 - 1.10.21



Water is a witness and keeper of the histories of this world. The water that is on this earth is the same water that has always been on this earth. History is told in waves and through waves we tell our own stories. “Merging Headwaters” is a show of connection; a connecting of present history to the past through the eyes of two Black artists. Headwaters are defined as the source of a stream or river, eventually leading to a larger movement of water and eventually into the ocean. In Merging Headwaters, the works of Turner and Kindle exist as headwaters that come together to form a cohesive body of water through art. These works come together and begin to have individual conversations on Black identity and the ecosystem that Black people must live in.

These two artists take this concept and focus it through their work as textures and movements merging Black history, expressionism, mark making, and abstraction. The work is not meant as an outcry of Black pain, but as a celebration of overcoming and dealing with trauma. The work focuses on creating a moment of reflection and stillness from the artists’ movements. Merging Headwaters combines the therapy that water provides with the knowledge of understanding the true beginnings of a grander story in Black history.








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