Nuveen Barwari

Nuveen Barwari is a Kurdish American multidisciplinary artist. Barwari’s art is influenced by her family histories, being born in the U.S in 1995., and spending her adolescent years in Duhok, Kurdistan. She completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art from Tennessee State University in 2019 and is a 2022 MFA candidate at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  Bringing together the fragmented state of diasporic living and membership in a stateless community by utilizing painting, photography, screen printing, mixed media and installations, Barwari aims to spark social commentary about migration, the struggles of refugee resettlement, transnational negotiations of self, and the Kurdish cause. Barwari participates in a transcontinental, improvisational exchange of materials between Kurdistan and America.  This exchange often extends beyond the studio, installations and manipulation of materials and into performances, cohosting the Newave Podcast, and through an online shop called Fufu Creations that supplies apparel and art internationally. Fufu Creations was a featured designer in Kurdistan’s first ever fashion week in 2018.