Matt Christy
(Nashville, Tennessee)


Matt Christy (b. Franklin, Tennessee) graduated in 2017 with a B.F.A. from Watkins College of Art and Design. After school, Christy wrote art reviews and lived in an intentional urban gardening community here in Nashville. Christy moved to the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon where he recently graduated.  He is completing his first novel and lives in Nashville, TN. 


Christy is multidisciplinary, working with stop-motion animation, writing, and painting. He tries to fuse together strengths as a storyteller and a painter with his sensitivity to materials and ideas. For example, Always Never Now, a series of six-foot, theatrical collages show bizarre, uncanny scenes of catastrophe and destruction. Trumpeters announce car wrecks, and bright banners with enigmatic messages fly in chalk black backgrounds. With a bleak sense of humor, they touch on the political and religious and recall a thread of grotesque art that stems from Goya to John Bock. The title, Always Never Now, describes the delayed sense of becoming that comes with social and personal revolutions.