Mary Mooney
(Atlanta, Georgia  b. 1986)

Mary Mooney (b. 1986 Atlanta, GA) holds an interdisciplinary BFA from Denison University and completed a non-degree graduate program through the University of Georgia. Mooney has exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy and across the United States. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Abrasive Media. She served as the Director and Curator of the Landis House Museum in Newport, PA, before relocating Nashville, TN in 2012. Her work is included in the collections of Margaret Windisch, the Denison University Philosophy Department, and Elizabeth Suzann Studios. Mooney lives and works in East Nashville, where she lives with her partner Nathan and their dog, Bridgette.  She is represented by the Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville, TN.

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   - february 2017
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