(New Orleans, LA)

Amélie Guthrie grew up in New Orleans before studying art history at Vanderbilt University. Thereafter, her adoration for art continued to flourish, and she worked in different pockets of the art world. This included fine art galleries and artists’ studios in London, New York, New Orleans, and Nashville. She also developed an affinity for teaching art to children and created an organization called Arte Para Todos in Buenos Aires. She then lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn for several years where she taught with the Children’s Museum of the Arts as well as privately.


Throughout her years in NYC she showed and sold works, including commissioned installations. She later carried this passion to Rome where worked for six months and showed her art in a solo exhibition. Today, she lives in Nashville where she continues to turn her fractal forms into free-standing sculpture, wall sculpture, light-sculptures, and installations. Red Arrow Gallery represents her work locally.